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School Board President James Aguilar is running for re-election to represent students and educators on the Board of Trustees at SLUSD to affect bold and unapologetic change for the greater community, and for the generations that will inherit the consequences of the decisions of the past.

James has spent his life as a vocal and visible advocate for students and public educators.
James has worked for nonprofits and organizations devoted to public education advocacy, and as a classroom teacher improving the educational experience for all.  James earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at San Francisco State University, and served as the Executive Vice President of Associated Students at San Francisco State, an organization devoted to student voice and social justice - in his time at the university. He also worked as the first student to serve as a director for the San Francisco State Foundation. He is currently working on his Master of Arts in Education from UC Berkeley.

James was raised by a union family in Oakland, and attended Oakland public schools - first at Glenview Elementary, then at Edna Brewer Middle School. James' family sought a new beginning, arriving in San Leandro, where James would blossom to become the person he is today. For James, his education at San Lorenzo High and role as the district's first Student Board Member was pivotal to his growth and his ultimate decision to run for the Board of Trustees just after walking the stage.

In 2018, James was elected to the San Leandro School Board, and currently serves as the Board President and the appointed representative to Eden Area ROP. In addition to his professional work, he has served as a school site council member,  a Senior Director at San Leandro 2050,  a Director for the SF State Foundation, and an active community member. James also serves alongside the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, worked on several national and state campaigns - including Pete for America, and was an Assembly and State Senate intern. He currently teaches in Oakland Unified School District.

Work and accomplishments in the first term

It's about teamwork. The Board of Trustees has been hard at work pushing #SanLeandroForward. In the last three years, San Leandro Unified School District has implemented new and bold Board policy, has issued resolutions in support of our community members, and have allocated critical financial and integrated resources for students and staff. 

Click to see full list of resolutions.

R. 21-14, Climate Action
R. 21-15, Opposing State Testing
R. 21-17, Affirm Mental Health
R. 21-20, LGBTQ+ Community
R. 21-26, School Reopening
R. 21-36, Myrna & Mariah

R. 20-06, S & C First
R. 20-14, Use of E-Cigs & Vaping
R. 20-38, Ethnic Studies Model


Board Officerships
President, Current
Acting President, 2022
Vice President, 2021-2022
Clerk, 2020-2021

Committee Membership
Facilities/Operations (Alt.)

Representative Roles
VP, Eden Area ROP
California Association
Regional Director, Current
Delegate, 2019-2021

Click to see policy adoptions.
BP 9150, Student Member
Student Board Members gained the power to make motions, earned a preferential vote, and may receive professional development.

BP 6142.8, Health Education
Strengthens health education in SLUSD by adding instruction on sexual harassment, extended sexual health, HIV prevention, and  domestic violence.

BP 5162, Achievement Awards
Establishes the "Seal of Biliteracy" in SLUSD and state Seal for Civic Engagement.

BP 9100, Board Organization
Board members who wish to become VP and President are to attain PD before stepping into those roles.

BP 5132, Dress Code
Previously outdated and unclear, the dress code was revised to be brought into the 21st century. 

BP 0420.4, Charter Schools
The process to admit charter schools became more stringent, in consultation with the actual needs of our schools and community.


Working for and with you to cultivate the next generation of leaders.

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