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School Site Campus Safety

Address issues with student and staff safety on school sites - through internal and community partnerships - ensuring that the district adequately responds to immediate situations and ongoing challenges, without restricting the academic experience.

Previous Accomplishments: redefining relationship with San Leandro's Chief of Police, efficient safety procedure.


advocacy for school funding

Address k-12 funding and legislative issues facing our district and student success, ensuring the Board remain a lobbying force in the State of California. It is rare to see School Boards (and student trustees) consistently advocating and strengthening partnerships with the state.

Previous Accomplishments: election to CSBA Board of Directors, active presence in the State Legislature.



Address student need for equitable transit solutions, ensuring they get so school through safe and free methods of transportation - in partnering with AC Transit, BART, and other agencies - and encouraging alternatives to use of polluting cars.

Previous Accomplishments: active partnerships with Bay Area Rapid Transit and Alameda/Contra Costa County Transit Boards, maintaining free transit


POWER TO the students

Address student voice through the role of the Student Board Member, ensuring their voice is heard in all School Board decision making, elevating the role to committee work (as well as academic incentive), and providing them with the same professional development as trustees. The Board should also consider retaining services of the California Student Board Members Association for professional development. 

Address student voice through enhancing district engagement opportunities, ensuring their voice is heard in decision making processes through Board committee work (for policy construction and advocacy), trustee school site visits, and student leadership classes.

Previous Accomplishments: reform of BP9150 - student members can make motions, preferential vote, recurring visits to student leadership classes, partnering with student board member.



Address teacher voice through enhancing outreach and participatory efforts, ensuring their voice is heard in decision making processes through expanding union partnerships, trustee school site visits, and districtwide engagement efforts (i.e., focus groups,  LCAP).

Address district-union relationships and project development, ensuring union voice is respected and utilized in decision making processes, and ensuring certificated and classified right to organize is not hindered in any way.

Previous Accomplishments: consistent voting with union recommendations, support for PLA agreements.


Address school site issues such as lack of funding in certain areas through community partners, ensuring local nonprofits and probable grant/financial opportunities are utilized for the benefit of students, families, and school site staff.

Previous Accomplishments: developing network of local nonprofits, working alongside SLED (for grants).


Address the ongoing threat of the Climate Crisis in the educational setting, ensuring students, staff, and communities understand the threat the Climate Crisis has on our world, and ensuring the district lead the way in green facility improvements.

Previous Accomplishments: climate issues made a cornerstone of strategic plan, climate resolutions.


Address lack of leadership presence and listening with stakeholders, ensuring the Board attend productive school site visits, and ensuring staff and students are given a safe space to discuss frustrations and give input for the direction of the district.

Previous Accomplishments: consistent visits to school sites, presence at school events and participation. 

Working for and with you to cultivate the next generation of leaders.

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