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View James' most recent round of endorsements from '22.


James is the teachers' choice for school board.

James is an officially "endorsed by SLTA" board trustee. 

Public Officials

Titles and organizations provided for identification purposes only.

Fiona Ma, CPA, California State Treasurer
Delaine Eastin, fmr. State Superintendent
Lena Gonzalez, California State Senator
Matt Haney, State Assemblymember
Alex Lee, State Assemblymember
John Bauters, Mayor of Emeryville
Gabriel Quinto, Mayor of El Cerrito
Malia Vella, Alameda Vice Mayor
Aisha Wahab, Hayward City Council
Tyller Williamson, Monterey City Council
Victor Aguilar, San Leandro City Council
Jim Prola, fmr. San Leandro Vice Mayor
Robert Raburn, BART Board Director
Alysse Castro
, ACOE Superintendent-Elect
Aisha Knowles, Alameda County BOE
Cheryl Cook-Kallio, Alameda County BOE

Consuelo Lara, Contra Costa County BOE
Alex Randolph, fmr. SF City College Trustee
Evelyn Gonzalez, San Leandro School Board
Diana Prola, San Leandro School Board
Monique Tate, San Leandro School Board
Peter Oshinski, San Leandro School Board

Liz Toledo, former San Leandro School Board
Alicia Gonzalez, San Lorenzo School Board
Penny Peck, San Lorenzo School Board
Sam Medina, San Lorenzo School Board
Janet Zamudio, former San Lorenzo Board
Ken Rawdon, Hayward School Board
Madonna Gerrell, Palm Springs School Board
Kelly Mokashi, Pleasanton School Board
Wendy Jonathan, Desert Sands School Board
Mike Kusiak, Castro Valley School Board
Dianne Jones, Fremont School Board
Tay Anderson, Denver School Board
Sheldon Gen, Petaluma City Schools Board
Lance Nishihira, New Haven School Board
Michael Tsai, Milpitas School Board
Dr. Deshawn Woolridge, Pittsburgh School Board
Alfred Twu, Berkeley Planning Cmmr.
James Chang, Berkeley Rent Board Cmmr. 
Tony Breslin, San Leandro Planning Cmmr.
Jennifer Esteen, Alameda Health Trustee

Community Leaders
and Advocates

Titles and organizations provided for identification purposes only.

Janani Ramachandran, Attorney/Activist
Celina Demos-Reynes, Community Activist
Brandon Harami, CADEM Progressive Caucus VC
Patty Breslin, Nonprofit Leader
Emily Breslin, Nonprofit Leader
Dillon Goulart, Academic/Astrophysicist
Cindy Williams, Floresta Gardens Resident
Joseph Romero, Floresta Gardens Resident
Karina Zamora, Student Activist

Michael Aguilar, Floresta Gardens Resident
Sarah Goulart, Education Researcher
Joshua Rudy Ochoa, Student Activist
Edward Chan, San Leandro Student
Arjav Rawal, Dem. Party Leader
Aubury Freed, Climate Activist
Lisa Bradshaw, Business Owner
Lesa Mellion, SDS Program Administrator


San Leandro Teachers Association
LGBT Victory Fund
Equality California
The Los Angeles Blade
Run for Something
Freethought Equality Fund PAC


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