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School Board President Aguilar announces campaign for re-election to the San Leandro School Board

By Staff @ James for San Leandro

San Leandro School Board President James Aguilar formally announced he's running for re-election Friday, scoring big endorsements from former California Superintendent Delaine Eastin, California Deputy Superintendent Malia Vella, and more.

The San Leandro leader told the public that he had planned to run for re-election but hadn't formally announced.

"I've been told that I'm too young, or even too ambitious. But those words have always empowered me to push the envelope further," Aguilar said in a news release. "Over the last few years we have changed the narrative, and showed that the student voice is our cornerstone, that the climate crisis is the threat of our time, that we can lead for change."

Aguilar lives with his family, and is proudly a renter.

"I'm looking forward to continuing my work in partnering with community organizations, working statewide in the California School Boards Association, and serving the students of our San Leandro Unified family."


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