President Aguilar issues updated list of endorsers for re-election campaign

By Staff @ James for San Leandro

San Leandro School Board President James Aguilar announced on Wednesday an updated list of endorsers for his campaign for re-election. In a public release, he announced the following endorsements:

Delaine Eastin, former California Superintendent of Public Instruction
Malia Vella, California Deputy Superintendent for Special Projects
Lena Gonzalez, California State Senator
Matt Haney, San Francisco Supervisor
John Bauters, Mayor of Emeryville
Aisha Wahab, Hayward City Councilmember
Victor Aguilar, San Leandro City Councilmember
Jim Prola, former San Leandro Vice Mayor
Robert Raburn, BART Board Director
Aisha Knowles, Alameda County School Board
Consuelo Lara, Contra Costa County School Board
Shanthi Gonzales, Oakland School Board
Evelyn Gonzalez, San Leandro School Board
Diana Prola, San Leandro School Board
Liz Toledo
, San Leandro School Board
Kyla Sinegal, San Lorenzo School Board President
Alicia Gonzalez, San Lorenzo School Board Vice President
Penny Peck, San Lorenzo School Board
Sam Medina, San Lorenzo School Board
Janet Zamudio, former San Lorenzo Board
Ken Rawdon, Hayward School Board
Mike Kusiak, Castro Valley School Board
Tay Anderson, Denver Public Schools Vice President
Sheldon Gen, Petaluma City Schools Board
Lance Nishihira, New Haven School Board
Michael Tsai, Milpitas School Board
Dr. Deshawn Woolridge, PhD, Pittsburgh School Board